SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

One Surrey, Barinder Rasode are mislead about Light Rail

IMMEDIATE RELASE – Surrey, BC Previous claims by decision-makers have misled Barinder Rasode and One Surrey into pushing on their platform for an LRT pilot project with no benefits for transit riders. While residents throughout Metro Vancouver are benefitting from the prosperous, busy and vibrant communities shaped around SkyTrain stations, One Surrey mayoral candidate Barinder […]

Surrey First: Linda Hepner misled voters on Light Rail ridership, benefits

IMMEDIATE RELASE – Surrey, BC We’re at odds with Linda Hepner’s erroneous claim that Light Rail in Surrey “will take 200,000 people out of their vehicles.” At a recent all-candidates debate, Surrey First mayoral candidate Linda Hepner told voters that Light Rail “will take 200,000 people out of their vehicles” – a statement that has […]

LRT proposal a step backwards for Surrey

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit (SkyTrain for Surrey) expresses disappointment in a recent election platform announcement by the Surrey First party in favour of Light Rail Transit (LRT). “LRT would be a giant step backwards for our city,” says Daryl Dela Cruz, a prominent Surrey transportation advocate and the campaign manager […]

At-Grade Rail systems have worse reliability

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 23rd July, 2014 At-Grade Rail systems, like the Light Rail Transit (LRT) proposed in the City of Surrey, are more vulnerable than SkyTrain in experiencing large service issues like the two issues with SkyTrain seen in the past week. Three weeks ago, riders and news agencies were describing a major service disruption […]

LATEST NEWS: "Rapid Transit Vision" exposes faulty Surrey LRT proposal

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC A new rapid transit vision for Surrey, released by Better Surrey Rapid Transit’s Daryl Dela Cruz, exposes serious faults in the City of Surrey’s at-grade rail (LRT) proposal approved by the Mayors’ Council. The “Vibrant Communities, Productive Citizens” vision, released Friday, details a “more practical rapid transit vision” for the City […]

PRESS RELEASE: LRT proposal in Mayors’ Council plan does not benefit Surrey

IMMEDIATE RELEASE -12th June, 2014 Regional Mayors are hailing a new regional transportation vision that “benefits all of Metro Vancouver”. However, the Surrey Light Rail Transit (LRT) proposal in the Mayors Council’s new transportation plan has a negative business case, which could result in Minister Todd Stone rejecting the new regional transportation plan. The Surrey Rapid […]

REALITY CHECK: Light Rail Links does not have case for LRT.

Tuesday morning was triumphed by the launch of the new Light Rail Links coalition, a membership of different organizations advocating for Light Rail Transit in Surrey, BC. The new coalition presents four vague reasons for “Why LRT”: LRT will connect communities south of the Fraser LRT will create pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods with new developments and businesses […]

"Rapid Transit and Surrey's Needs" presentation to Surrey

Better Surrey Rapid Transit is taking a remarkable step forward on Monday with a confirmed presentation to the City of Surrey Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to provide a report on Rapid Transit and Surrey’s Needs” Media may be interested in hearing this presentation as it details a primary case of the Better Surrey Rapid Transit […]

DEBUNKING MYTHS: "LRT will bring mid-rises, SkyTrain will bring towers"

From Daryl Dela Cruz, Better Surrey Rapid Transit Campaign Director Why does the City of Surrey have a Mayor that seems to have no idea of what she can do as mayor? Maybe I should be Mayor, because I apparently know more than she does about how cities can control land use. A recent Vancouver […]

Coquitlam releases SkyTrain community integration concepts

An atmosphere of doubt has surrounded the viability of SkyTrain in Surrey under a false perception that at-grade Light Rail Transit (LRT) will help shape and build communities – whilst SkyTrain expansion will not, supported by quotes from advocates, city officials and other LRT supporters.  Even Dianne Watts had more than a few statements in […]