SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!


Previous claims by decision-makers have misled Barinder Rasode and One Surrey into pushing on their platform for an LRT pilot project with no benefits for transit riders.

While residents throughout Metro Vancouver are benefitting from the prosperous, busy and vibrant communities shaped around SkyTrain stations, One Surrey mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode – a professed Light Rail supporter – incorrectly suggested in a recent comment on “Business in Vancouver” that SkyTrain does not support community-building and local business.

Similarly misleading comments were previously made by LRT supporters on Surrey Council, including Dianne Watts. The departing Mayor, in introducing LRT to Surrey in 2011, denounced elevated SkyTrain as a system that would “destroy communities” and “split them in half” due to the need for “monolithic” concrete pillars. This effect has not been seen anywhere in Metro Vancouver – SkyTrain, to the contrary, has contributed to more vibrant communities.

“There is a long history of Light Rail supporters making faulty claims and conveying that they didn’t do homework. It’s time for Surrey citizens to take notice,” says Daryl Dela Cruz, a prominent Surrey transportation advocate and the campaign manager for Better Surrey Rapid Transit.

Better Surrey Rapid Transit (SkyTrain for Surrey) has raised several issues with Surrey’s proposed at-grade LRT. The One Surrey platform plan for an LRT pilot project on 104 Ave, with a 10 min. travel time, does not create a transit improvement versus current 96 and 337 service.

Enhancing current B-Line service, as outlined in our vision (, would allow for through one-seat service to Coquitlam and Langley and is the best solution for 104 Ave.


One Surrey’s 104 Ave LRT pilot project will create no improvement versus current transit, and will create traffic mayhem in Guildford by reducing 104 Ave traffic lanes.

104 Ave: No benefits from LRT - Express riders save just 1 minute on the proposed LRT vs. 96 B-Line
TAP TO ENLARGE – #LRTReality: No benefits for Guildford commuters on 104 Ave


For additional info, contact: Daryl Dela Cruz, Campaign Manager – Better Surrey Rapid Transit.
Email: [email protected]
Call: 81-80-3962-9281 or ask for Skype handle
(Note: Daryl is currently out of country; long-distance fees apply)


Disclaimer: Better Surrey Rapid Transit (SkyTrain for Surrey) is an ongoing, issues-oriented activism campaign and is NOT an election campaign.

Featured image: Traffic congestion is already a prominent issue in Guildford, and it will get worse with Light Rail.

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One Surrey, Barinder Rasode are mislead about Light Rail