SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Langley City’s Mayor prefers SkyTrain over LRT

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Mar 16, 2016 – Surrey, BC “Having my druthers, I would go with SkyTrain” [Schaffer] said, adding that he hoped the line could, in the long term, be extended as far as the Abbotsford Airport. (Langley Advance – “Rail depends on fed budget” – March 16, 2016) SkyTrain for Surrey campaigners and supporters […]

YES for Transit Statement: Light Rail destroying Surrey "YES" vote

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit announces its support for a “YES” vote in the transportation plebiscite. A better transit future for Surrey starts with the approval of sustainable funding. As part of efforts to secure a “YES” vote, Better Surrey Rapid Transit is advising “YES” coalition supporters that the promotion of […]

Mayoral Candidates asked to listen to stakeholders on LRT issues

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Letters we sent to Mayoral Candidates ask them to listen to stakeholders on Light Rail issues, and calls to review Light Rail benefits and downsides, if elected to office. Better Surrey Rapid Transit (SkyTrain for Surrey) is taking action to encourage mayoral candidates to be aware of a call to […]

One Surrey, Barinder Rasode are mislead about Light Rail

IMMEDIATE RELASE – Surrey, BC Previous claims by decision-makers have misled Barinder Rasode and One Surrey into pushing on their platform for an LRT pilot project with no benefits for transit riders. While residents throughout Metro Vancouver are benefitting from the prosperous, busy and vibrant communities shaped around SkyTrain stations, One Surrey mayoral candidate Barinder […]

LRT proposal a step backwards for Surrey

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit (SkyTrain for Surrey) expresses disappointment in a recent election platform announcement by the Surrey First party in favour of Light Rail Transit (LRT). “LRT would be a giant step backwards for our city,” says Daryl Dela Cruz, a prominent Surrey transportation advocate and the campaign manager […]

PRESENTATION: Rapid transit and Surrey's needs Executive Summary

Rapid Transit and Surrey’s needs Examining the modal shift in TransLink’s Surrey Rapid Transit Study alternatives This is a presentation document that Better Surrey Rapid Transit has prepared for future presentations. A longer, fully detailed version (which was presented to the City of Surrey Transportation & Infrastructure Committee in April 2013) is available at [CLICK […]

DEBUNKING MYTHS: "LRT will bring mid-rises, SkyTrain will bring towers"

From Daryl Dela Cruz, Better Surrey Rapid Transit Campaign Director Why does the City of Surrey have a Mayor that seems to have no idea of what she can do as mayor? Maybe I should be Mayor, because I apparently know more than she does about how cities can control land use. A recent Vancouver […]

British study questions LRT’s ability to change commute habits

MEDIA RELEASE British study questions LRT’s ability to change commute habits FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 28, 2013 – Surrey, BC From the SurreySide blog, managed by Patrick Johnston, who writes occasional posts looking at development, city planning and transportation. Trains for Surrey: Light rail is far from the perfect solution to reducing congestion – […]

DEBUNKING MYTHS: Light Rail advocates and debt servicing costs

A special release by lead analyst Daryl Dela Cruz of SkyTrain for Surrey You can be said to have been researching transit issues in Metro Vancouver for many years, but you can still be wrong about what you know about transit issues. If so, they would do themselves an injustice because, as provincial and  federal […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Surrey Leader – Light rail not right for Surrey or Vancouver

Strike one for pro-SkyTrain! Today’s Leader featured a powerful statement submitted by SkyTrain for Surrey foreman Daryl Dela Cruz. Daryl’s letter challenges a common notion that SkyTrain costs “billions and billions [more than LRT]” (Dianne Watts, April 2011) by promoting the exact opposite, on the basis that SkyTrain generates more economic and productivity benefits by […]