SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

PRESS RELEASE: LRT proposal in Mayors’ Council plan does not benefit Surrey

IMMEDIATE RELEASE -12th June, 2014 Regional Mayors are hailing a new regional transportation vision that “benefits all of Metro Vancouver”. However, the Surrey Light Rail Transit (LRT) proposal in the Mayors Council’s new transportation plan has a negative business case, which could result in Minister Todd Stone rejecting the new regional transportation plan. The Surrey Rapid […]

REALITY CHECK: Surrey light rail coalition massively misleads public

A Light Rail opposition group in Surrey is displeased that a coalition for Light Rail Transit in Surrey is massively misleading and manipulating the public again, according to a media report by the Business in Vancouver report. The report claims that Light Rail Links members saw problems with expanding SkyTrain versus building light rail. “SkyTrain, […]

REALITY CHECK: Light Rail Links does not have case for LRT.

Tuesday morning was triumphed by the launch of the new Light Rail Links coalition, a membership of different organizations advocating for Light Rail Transit in Surrey, BC. The new coalition presents four vague reasons for “Why LRT”: LRT will connect communities south of the Fraser LRT will create pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods with new developments and businesses […]

British study questions LRT’s ability to change commute habits

MEDIA RELEASE British study questions LRT’s ability to change commute habits FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 28, 2013 – Surrey, BC From the SurreySide blog, managed by Patrick Johnston, who writes occasional posts looking at development, city planning and transportation. Trains for Surrey: Light rail is far from the perfect solution to reducing congestion – […]

The SkyTrain Revolution in Metrotown

We were searching through the internet when we found a Canada Line-era presentation document that made a strong case for SkyTrain as a strong influence in regional development attraction and a shift from vehicular transport onto transit. The full document can be viewed at [HERE] Some of the pages/slides feature the changes that occurred to […]

Mode-share shift to transit prevalent in Vancouver, but not in Portland

Late last month, the online blog Price Tags by Simon Fraser University CITY director Gordon Price published a blog article titled “Vancouver demolishes Portland: A transit comparison“. The analysis found that Vancouver “demolishes” Portland in attracting riders onto transit service and encouraging transit trips rather than vehicle trips. As a continuation of this analysis, we’d […]

Former resident notes SkyTrain's astonishing impact in publishing

Competitive transit works! In April, east coast blog “Spacing Atlantic” presented 5 excerpts from a book called “Straphanger”, which explored Vancouverism and smart transit planning. The ordeal of an article about west-coast cities is appearing on an east coast blog named Spacing Atlantic is very surprising, given the distance – not just in km, but […]

Eugene Wong: 100 years of casually rolling around? No thanks!

Fellow SkyTrain advocate Eugene Wong has made his mark on the comments thread of a Buzzer blog article.  He has stated that he is clearly a proponent of SkyTrain expansion as the best choice for continued Mr. Wong, we would like you to know that one of your comments stood out to our Initiative.  We […]

Portland: LRT ridership drops; Canada Line continues to outperform

Light Rail Transit (LRT) ridership in Portland, Oregon has for whatever reason dropped this year. TriMet has published new ridership data for the month of June 2012: [CLICK HERE].  TriMet also conducted a media release about these numbers, viewable at [CLICK HERE].  While TriMet reported that the transit system has reached a record ridership, this […]

Canada Line outperforms entire LRT system

Readers of Peace Arch News, Surrey Leader and Surrey Now may have spotted the claim by our campaign Chair Daryl Dela Cruz that the Canada Line has attracted more riders than the entire Portland MAX (Metropolitan Area eXpress) Light Rail Transit system. These are the numbers: System Opening Year(s) Average weekday boardings (2011) SkyTrain – Canada […]