SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

New video highlights Surrey Light Rail Transit issues

SkyTrain for Surrey has launched a new informational video to highlight major issues with the Light Rail proposal in Surrey that was recently endorsed by the Conservative Party. The new video highlights numerous issues with the Light Rail proposal that we have raised throughout the year. These include: Surveys have shown that transit riders in […]

SkyTrain alternative would save hundreds of Green Timbers trees

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC The City of Surrey has rejected SkyTrain alternatives on Fraser Highway that take up less space, saving hundreds of trees in Green Timbers forest slated for destruction to widen the road for LRT. In letters (see below) sent to the Green Timbers Heritage Society, our campaign manager Daryl Dela Cruz […]

New “Light Rail Reality” outreach video

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit has released a new outreach video focusing on issues in the proposed Light Rail Transit system in Surrey. The new video is available on YouTube (above), as well as on the campaign Facebook page. The video also brings attention to a proposal that has been supported […]

SkyTrain for Surrey Campaign Video

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit (SkyTrain for Surrey) responds to Light Rail Transit (LRT) supporters with the release of a campaign video. The 2-minute video demands answers from Light Rail supporters and asks stakeholders for help in raising several Light Rail proposal issues. It also challenges candidates in the current municipal […]

REALITY CHECK: Light Rail Links does not have case for LRT.

Tuesday morning was triumphed by the launch of the new Light Rail Links coalition, a membership of different organizations advocating for Light Rail Transit in Surrey, BC. The new coalition presents four vague reasons for “Why LRT”: LRT will connect communities south of the Fraser LRT will create pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods with new developments and businesses […]

REALITY CHECK: The dishonesty of "No one builds with SkyTrain anymore"

Pictured above: The Sendai subway with SkyTrain technology opens to the public in December 2015. In a recent letter response to our news feature in the Surrey Now [LINK HERE], a LRT advocate (Mr. Malcolm Johnston of the Rail for the Valley transit initiative), sent a response claiming that SkyTrain is an obsolete system. [LINK HERE]. […]

"Rapid Transit and Surrey's Needs" presentation to Surrey

Better Surrey Rapid Transit is taking a remarkable step forward on Monday with a confirmed presentation to the City of Surrey Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to provide a report on Rapid Transit and Surrey’s Needs” Media may be interested in hearing this presentation as it details a primary case of the Better Surrey Rapid Transit […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: LRT in Surrey won't fly, stick with SkyTrain – Vancouver Sun

Readers from around Metro Vancouver might have noticed writing from Better Surrey Rapid Transit’s campaign director in today’s issue of the Vancouver Sun. The newsletter by Campaign Director Daryl Dela Cruz presents a strong message about the weak business case of LRT in Surrey, how the LRT pursuit weakens Surrey’s case for any rapid transit, […]

DEBUNKING MYTHS: Light Rail advocates and debt servicing costs

A special release by lead analyst Daryl Dela Cruz of SkyTrain for Surrey You can be said to have been researching transit issues in Metro Vancouver for many years, but you can still be wrong about what you know about transit issues. If so, they would do themselves an injustice because, as provincial and  federal […]

The SkyTrain Revolution in Metrotown

We were searching through the internet when we found a Canada Line-era presentation document that made a strong case for SkyTrain as a strong influence in regional development attraction and a shift from vehicular transport onto transit. The full document can be viewed at [HERE] Some of the pages/slides feature the changes that occurred to […]