SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

PRESENTATION: Rapid transit and Surrey's needs Executive Summary

Rapid Transit and Surrey’s needs Examining the modal shift in TransLink’s Surrey Rapid Transit Study alternatives This is a presentation document that Better Surrey Rapid Transit has prepared for future presentations. A longer, fully detailed version (which was presented to the City of Surrey Transportation & Infrastructure Committee in April 2013) is available at [CLICK […]

PRESENTATION: Rapid transit and Surrey's needs

Rapid Transit and Surrey’s needs Examining the modal shift in TransLink’s Surrey Rapid Transit Study alternatives This is a presentation document that Better Surrey Rapid Transit prepared for a 2013 presentation to the City of Surrey Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The full 62-slide presentation can be downloaded at [CLICK HERE]. For its online release on […]

DEBUNKING MYTHS: "LRT will bring mid-rises, SkyTrain will bring towers"

From Daryl Dela Cruz, Better Surrey Rapid Transit Campaign Director Why does the City of Surrey have a Mayor that seems to have no idea of what she can do as mayor? Maybe I should be Mayor, because I apparently know more than she does about how cities can control land use. A recent Vancouver […]

Rapid Transit plans don't meet modal shift objective

[CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL RELEASE] A major TransLink rapid transit planning study has mislead stakeholders in the City of Surrey in its evaluation of options, in terms of a statement of which options “meet the study objectives.” The recent release by TransLink, called “Surrey Rapid Transit Alternatives Analysis: Findings to Date”, narrows down the […]

DEBUNKING MYTHS: Light Rail advocates and debt servicing costs

A special release by lead analyst Daryl Dela Cruz of SkyTrain for Surrey You can be said to have been researching transit issues in Metro Vancouver for many years, but you can still be wrong about what you know about transit issues. If so, they would do themselves an injustice because, as provincial and  federal […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Surrey Leader – Light rail not right for Surrey or Vancouver

Strike one for pro-SkyTrain! Today’s Leader featured a powerful statement submitted by SkyTrain for Surrey foreman Daryl Dela Cruz. Daryl’s letter challenges a common notion that SkyTrain costs “billions and billions [more than LRT]” (Dianne Watts, April 2011) by promoting the exact opposite, on the basis that SkyTrain generates more economic and productivity benefits by […]

Putting an end to the myth that SkyTrain is proprietary

From the SkyTrain for Surrey Analyst Team in Surrey, BC We’ve been looking for an occasion to unveil this document from Bombardier: it’s a proponent application to supply the rolling stock/technology for Hawaii’s SkyTrain-like automated rapid transit system, still hosted on the Hawaii rapid transit website server – and the details hidden within have the […]

Mode-share shift to transit prevalent in Vancouver, but not in Portland

Late last month, the online blog Price Tags by Simon Fraser University CITY director Gordon Price published a blog article titled “Vancouver demolishes Portland: A transit comparison“. The analysis found that Vancouver “demolishes” Portland in attracting riders onto transit service and encouraging transit trips rather than vehicle trips. As a continuation of this analysis, we’d […]

Portland: LRT ridership drops; Canada Line continues to outperform

Light Rail Transit (LRT) ridership in Portland, Oregon has for whatever reason dropped this year. TriMet has published new ridership data for the month of June 2012: [CLICK HERE].  TriMet also conducted a media release about these numbers, viewable at [CLICK HERE].  While TriMet reported that the transit system has reached a record ridership, this […]

Canada Line outperforms entire LRT system

Readers of Peace Arch News, Surrey Leader and Surrey Now may have spotted the claim by our campaign Chair Daryl Dela Cruz that the Canada Line has attracted more riders than the entire Portland MAX (Metropolitan Area eXpress) Light Rail Transit system. These are the numbers: System Opening Year(s) Average weekday boardings (2011) SkyTrain – Canada […]