SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Surrey LRT proposal

Strike one for pro-SkyTrain! Today’s Leader featured a powerful statement submitted by SkyTrain for Surrey foreman Daryl Dela Cruz.

Daryl’s letter challenges a common notion that SkyTrain costs “billions and billions [more than LRT]” (Dianne Watts, April 2011) by promoting the exact opposite, on the basis that SkyTrain generates more economic and productivity benefits by providing commuters with a more lucrative and reliable transit service.

This letter was actually submitted regionally, initially as a response to a letter in the Vancouver Courier [LINK] that has attracted a string of responses on its own – including one by Frank G. Sterle Jr., a notable pro-SkyTrain advocate who has connections with our analysts.

Surrey Leader – Light rail not right for Surrey or Vancouver

Published: December 31, 2012 6:00 AM

The arguing of which transit technologies to use for Broadway and Surrey rapid transit has to stop.

The City of Vancouver is right in its touting that the option for Broadway rapid transit extension should be SkyTrain, and that there should be no contest. The City of Surrey should listen to Vancouver.

I find it remarkable how blind some Light Rapid Transit advocates can be. When it comes to discussing high-cost transit projects, a lot of people seem to be placing emphasis on capital costs exclusively.

What most of these advocates don’t seem to understand is that there are greater economic and productivity benefits from a faster and far more reliable service.

Spending more money on better infrastructure is usually synonymous with earning more benefits to offset the cost, and going by that metric, building LRT will cost us billions and billions more than building SkyTrain.

Daryl Dela Cruz

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Surrey Leader – Light rail not right for Surrey or Vancouver

One thought on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Surrey Leader – Light rail not right for Surrey or Vancouver

  1. Not sure if I totally agree with your letter in relation to Surrey. Just because you spend more on infrastucture does not mean that spending is justified. For instance you could build Skytrain from Chilliwack to Hope, a fine bit of spending on infrastructure but the benifits will be minimal. I am waiting for the Translink Surrey report before making my final decision but I see no reason why LRT could not provide fast reliable service at less cost on corridors like King George and Fraser Highway (not sure about 104th). To me you need to look at the number of potential users say 30years in the future and the difference in total travel time as well as the difference in costs per rider. Broadway is a no brainer for completely grade seperated transit, for Surrey we need to see better numbers before we can make the final decision.

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