SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Surrey LRT proposal


A major TransLink rapid transit planning study has mislead stakeholders in the City of Surrey in its evaluation of options, in terms of a statement of which options “meet the study objectives.”

The recent release by TransLink, called “Surrey Rapid Transit Alternatives Analysis: Findings to Date”, narrows down the alternatives to be looked at for Surrey Rapid Transit down to four alternatives, each one being based upon three transit modes (bus rapid transit, light rail transit, SkyTrain). A Surrey-based transit advocacy group has found that all four alternatives fall short of one key objective that was completely ignored in this findings to date document: congestion reduction and increasing transit use.

“Better Surrey Rapid Transit” is a growing campaign against the Light Rail Transit proposal by Surrey’s Mayor Watts (on the basis that the proposal is inferior to SkyTrain and, as a result, will not meet key  modal shift goals and others, such as greenhouse gas emission reduction goals) – and in support of a larger SkyTrain expansion than is currently being proposed by TransLink. Over 150 supporters have stated interest through social media.

For additional information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Daryl Dela Cruz
Campaign Director, Better Surrey Rapid Transit
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Better Surrey Rapid Transit

Better Surrey Rapid Transit” was established because the decisions that were made two years ago have to change. Mayor Watts has declared at-grade Light Rail Transit (LRT) over  SkyTrain for the City of Surrey, and it is a decision that just does not mak sense. We want to tell Mayor Watts that the solution is bigger than LRT, and we’re advocating for that bigger solution that Surrey needs – an expansion of SkyTrain. The City has to be prudent and plan for an option that looks forward to this city’s transit needs in 30 to 50 years.

Your Better Surrey Rapid Transit advocacy team,

Daryl Dela Cruz – Campaign Director, Exec of statistics analysis
Benedic Dasalla – Exec of marketing & communication strategy
Neo Caines – Exec of infrastructure analysis

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