SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Better Surrey Rapid Transit is urging you to vote YES for better transit!

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit announces its support for a “YES” vote in the transportation plebiscite.

A better transit future for Surrey starts with the approval of sustainable funding. As part of efforts to secure a “YES” vote, Better Surrey Rapid Transit is advising “YES” coalition supporters that the promotion of Light Rail Transit in Surrey – a component of the Mayors’ Council’s transit plan – is having a negative impact on the transit “YES” vote.

“The excessive focus on the Light Rail component is destroying the yes vote in the South of Fraser,” writes campaign manager Daryl Dela Cruz in a letter to “yes” coalition supporters. [VIEW the letter NOW by clicking here]

“Surrey voters aren’t prepared to approve a specific technology. They remember that they’ve been lied to by the City on LRT benefits, and realize more problems will be created by the LRT than solved. The province took the lead by removing the lock-in to “Light Rail Transit in Surrey” from the referendum ballot; “Yes” campaign supporters need to be doing the same.”

A recent report outlining increasing support for a “NO” vote outlines Surrey’s mention of a Plan B to move LRT with or without a “YES” vote as a reason. Several letters-to-the-editor from citizens dissatisfied about the LRT plan have circulated in local newspapers, citing major issues with the proposal left out of the consultation process by the city.

Better Surrey Rapid Transit (SkyTrain for Surrey) has raised several issues with the LRT proposal endorsed in Surrey. The proposed Phase I LRT – with a 25-min. travel time between Newton and Guildford – saves just 1 minute over the current 96 B-Line.

The campaign will be working to reverse damage done by the City of Surrey as a result of its excessive promotion of Light Rail.


Writers have flooded local newspapers with editorials and letters expressing concern about LRT in the Mayors’ transit plan:

See our “letter” to YES supporters now:

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*** For additional info, contact: Daryl Dela Cruz, Campaign Manager – Better Surrey Rapid Transit.
Email us at: [email protected]


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YES for Transit Statement: Light Rail destroying Surrey "YES" vote