SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

REPORT: Portland: subsidies and not LRT attracted economic development

Portland Oregon illustrates the benefits of LRT Portland erected their first MAX LRT line in 1986, and today has a network of 4 lines with 85 stations.Portland has gained $8 billion in new development around these rail stations. They’ve also seen a 69% increase in the rate of development in station areas, compared to non-station […]

Light Rail Ineffective: Portland transit mode-share unchanged despite $4 billion+ in LRT spending

Recently we came across the results of a study and article on Portland transit mode-share released not too long ago on the Human Transit Blog, written and managed by professional public transit planning consultant Jarrett Walker. The article is called “Portland: A Challenging Chart“.  Walker and his friend Adrian created a chart which shows the […]

Canada Line riders value speed, frequency and reliability

We took a look at a 2010 study about the effects of the then-new Canada Line SkyTrain line; the study was commissioned by the TransLink and answered by panelists for “TransLink Listens”.  The study can be viewed by following this link: [CLICK HERE]. Here is a picture of a page on the document that says […]

TransLink order for longer SkyTrain cars shows SkyTrain is the future

UPDATE – 3rd Dec: We have obtained a copy of the RFEOI document and have reuploaded it here on our website. See updated link below. UPDATE – 7th Oct: we have contacted TransLink regarding the RFEOI document source, which has been taken down and is currently unavailable on their website. The South Coast British Columbia […]

Misconceptions: SkyTrain "lacks community integration"

From Daryl Dela Cruz, Chief Statistics Analyst at SkyTrain for Surrey The words you see below were published in a recent article [CLICK HERE] posted to the web by Nathan Pachal of the South Fraser blog (  I was more than appalled to see someone of such initiative-taking nature make such a mistake in assumption. […]

SkyTrain type technology clearly a winner in Japan

Have you ever noticed why the tracks on the Vancouver SkyTrain look different from the tracks that you might find in other rapid transit systems around the world?  Specifically, we refer to this: Earlier today some of our contributors were discussing about train lines in Japan, and came across a document that had to do […]

Urban Integration with SkyTrain: Plaza 88 – An Example for Surrey

[youtube=] You may have heard earlier this winter of the prominent opening of a new Safeway as part of a retail complex in New Westminster, recently built adjacent to New Westminster SkyTrain Station.  The new development is notorious in that it integrates more than 200,000 square feet of retail space directly with the New Westminster […]

Why SkyTrain: About the Technology

UPDATE 31st Aug: INNOVIA ART is now being marketed as a full-size metro! See our article: INNOVIA ART is now INNOVIA METRO Bombardier INNOVIA ART (Advanced Rapid Transit) is the name for the technology developed by the Canadian Bombardier Transportation; the technology/implementation is used by the familiar Expo and Millennium SkyTrain lines. INNOVIA ART rapid […]

Light Rail: Reliability will be an Issue

You may have seen one or more mentions we have made of the reliability issues that we may face with the implementation of an at-grade, on-street Light Rail system in Surrey. We would like to show you an example of what we mean.  Without further ado, here is an image excerpt from a Seattle Times […]

SkyTrain Can Integrate with Urban Environments

While we don’t have much in the way of finished text content to share with our readers today, we would like to share with you some images we found dating back to the Canada Line implementation plans for Richmond.  The images prominently showcase how the rapid rail transit guideway of the Canada Line SkyTrain line […]