SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Metrotown Station in 2006

We were searching through the internet when we found a Canada Line-era presentation document that made a strong case for SkyTrain as a strong influence in regional development attraction and a shift from vehicular transport onto transit. The full document can be viewed at [HERE]

Some of the pages/slides feature the changes that occurred to transform and revolutionize the Metrotown area, now Burnaby’s City Centre and a popular gathering place for the entire region.

We’ve copied these slides here to showcase how SkyTrain has been able to have a positive effect on encouraging economic development and shaping/growing communities while maintaining sustainability, and attracting high transit demand and support. Today’s Metrotown Station and area is home to a thriving city centre where thousands of people are given several amenities within the local area. The Metrotown area has become a prime choice for people who are able to live affordably, work in the local area, shop in the local area, and access other important places in the Metro thanks to a centralized location on SkyTrain.

Metrotown is a part of more than $9 billion in transit-oriented development that occurred on the Expo Line within 5 years of its opening date in 19861.

Metrotown Before SkyTrain
Metrotown Before SkyTrain, early 1980s
Metrotown after SkyTrain, 2006
Metrotown after SkyTrain, 2006
"Metrotown Station" in the early 1980s.
The area surrounding Metrotown Station in the early 1980s was not different from Surrey City Centre. The area was incomplete, and surrounding development was predominantly not transit-friendly at all.
Metrotown Station in 2006
A completed city centre in 2006. Metrotown is now home to one of the busiest SkyTrain stations and the largest mall in Metro Vancouver. The area is a popular gathering place for people from all over Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Kelly, Brian, and Daniel Francis. Transit in British Columbia: The First Hundred Years. Madeira Park: Harbour Publishing Co. Ltd., 1990. Print. Copy available at the Burnaby Public Library.

The SkyTrain Revolution in Metrotown