SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

“SkyTrain is proprietary” assertion challenged

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey campaign manager Daryl Dela Cruz is challenging the popular assertion that ‘SkyTrain technology’ is a proprietary technology and is only offered by Bombardier. In an online response to a Global BC news report, as well as comments within the news report by popular South Fraser blogger Nathan […]

SkyTrain technology is not outdated and not proprietary

We have reposted this from the personal blog of campaign director Daryl Dela Cruz RE: Critics say SkyTrain technology is outdated – Global News Pictured above: The new Tozai Line in Sendai, Japan uses SkyTrain technology – and is opening in just 7 days. South Fraser blogger Nathan Pachal was incorrect in stating that Bombardier “dictates what […]

New video highlights Surrey Light Rail Transit issues

SkyTrain for Surrey has launched a new informational video to highlight major issues with the Light Rail proposal in Surrey that was recently endorsed by the Conservative Party. The new video highlights numerous issues with the Light Rail proposal that we have raised throughout the year. These include: Surveys have shown that transit riders in […]

SkyTrain alternative would save hundreds of Green Timbers trees

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC The City of Surrey has rejected SkyTrain alternatives on Fraser Highway that take up less space, saving hundreds of trees in Green Timbers forest slated for destruction to widen the road for LRT. In letters (see below) sent to the Green Timbers Heritage Society, our campaign manager Daryl Dela Cruz […]

New “Light Rail Reality” outreach video

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit has released a new outreach video focusing on issues in the proposed Light Rail Transit system in Surrey. The new video is available on YouTube (above), as well as on the campaign Facebook page. The video also brings attention to a proposal that has been supported […]