SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Response to “misinformation” claim by CKNW

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Feb. 26, 2016 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey founding director Daryl Dela Cruz has issued a response to recent claims of “misinformation” that were made by CKNW assistant news director Charmaine de Silva. Daryl Dela Cruz, our founding director, said: “When I offered the response “we are an advocacy group”, I meant […]

City LRT vision excludes South Surrey & White Rock

UPDATE – Feb 26, 2016 – Surrey, BC The City of Surrey has expressed its intent to extend rapid transit to South Surrey & White Rock, as reported in a recent a news release by CKNW. However, the City of Surrey has made no changes to its website map to clarify its commitment to rapid […]

1000 sign petition opposing Surrey Light Rail Transit

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Feb. 22, 2016 – Surrey, BC Over 1000 supporters have joined SkyTrain for Surrey in opposing the proposed Surrey Light Rail Transit project, urging that it be changed to a SkyTrain system with Bus Rapid Transit. Daryl Dela Cruz, our founding director, said: “The significant turnout in support for our petition demands […]

10 Surrey LRT myths debunked

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Dec. 29, 2015 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey has completed 10 points debunking myths and inaccuracies about Light Rail, SkyTrain and Bus Rapid Transit. The responses have been released on our website at: In addition, we have issued the following two news releases to address recent issues: High public support for SkyTrain […]

Light Rail supporters get facts wrong again

Light Rail supporters continue to ignore issues like potential for vehicle-train collisions IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Dec. 28, 2015 – Surrey, BC Today, we are debunking the following 3 statements by Light Rail Links coalition chair Anita Huberman in a letter to the Surrey Leader: #1: For the approximately $2-billion cost of 27-kms of LRT, only 17 kms […]

Surrey citizens predominantly choose to drive

Our analysts came across an interesting document on the local South Fraser Blog that shows how many counted vehicles are registered in a given city in a Lower Mainland in a year, and associated patterns.  The data compares over 12 years from 1999-2011 across all Metro Vancouver cities and districts. [LINK TO DOCUMENT] This chart […]