SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Surrey LRT gets sidelined in federal budget

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 23, 2017 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey campaigners are expressing disappointment that a rapid transit project for Surrey was not listed as an “ambitious transit project” in the 2017 Federal Budget. Although the Mayors’ Council has been quick to confirm that the transit funding in the 2017 budget could be applied to […]

SkyTrain closer to reality in Surrey and Langley

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 8, 2016 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey is pleased to receive an announcement from TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond, who has said that SkyTrain is still under consideration for planned rapid transit on Fraser Highway. Today’s announcement means that SkyTrain for Surrey is closer to winning a SkyTrain victory for transit users […]

Cost increase shows LRT was wrong decision

  IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Mar 8, 2016 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey, a grassroots organization opposing Surrey’s proposed Light Rail Transit, notes to all supporters and observers that the recently announced capital cost increase to $2.6 billion shows that Light Rail technology was the wrong decision for Surrey. City representatives had cited the rising costs of land as […]

Fair debate urged on Surrey Light Rail Transit issues

  IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Feb. 29, 2016 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey’s founding director Daryl Dela Cruz is urging for a more fair debate on issues with the proposed Surrey Light Rail Transit system, in light of a recent viewpoint published by The Now Newspaper that discourages the continuation of the debate our organization […]

Response to “misinformation” claim by CKNW

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Feb. 26, 2016 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey founding director Daryl Dela Cruz has issued a response to recent claims of “misinformation” that were made by CKNW assistant news director Charmaine de Silva. Daryl Dela Cruz, our founding director, said: “When I offered the response “we are an advocacy group”, I meant […]

City LRT vision excludes South Surrey & White Rock

UPDATE – Feb 26, 2016 – Surrey, BC The City of Surrey has expressed its intent to extend rapid transit to South Surrey & White Rock, as reported in a recent a news release by CKNW. However, the City of Surrey has made no changes to its website map to clarify its commitment to rapid […]

1000 sign petition opposing Surrey Light Rail Transit

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Feb. 22, 2016 – Surrey, BC Over 1000 supporters have joined SkyTrain for Surrey in opposing the proposed Surrey Light Rail Transit project, urging that it be changed to a SkyTrain system with Bus Rapid Transit. Daryl Dela Cruz, our founding director, said: “The significant turnout in support for our petition demands […]

City poll fails to demonstrate LRT support

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Feb. 12, 2016 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey has called out the City of Surrey for misleading city residents again, in its claim that an Ipsos Reid poll sampling only 600 residents demonstrates 80% support for LRT. Daryl Dela Cruz, campaign chair, said: “Surrey has a population of over 500,000 people. […]

Exposed political deal shows lack of LRT confidence

SkyTrain for Surrey is calling on citizens to take note of the City of Surrey’s hiring of political insiders to mislead the federal government on transit issues and falsify an LRT business case. A Business in Vancouver report has said that the Earnscliffe Strategy group, whose B.C. office is led by a previous campaign co-chair […]

Federals urged to reject Surrey LRT project

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Jan. 18, 2015 – Surrey, BC As part of the 2016 federal pre-budget consultations, we have urged the Minister of Finance to reject a Surrey LRT project and refuse to provide federal funding. Our submission included a list of 14 major shortfalls/issues that have been identified with the proposed light rail system, […]