SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!


IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Feb. 22, 2016 – Surrey, BC

Over 1000 supporters have joined SkyTrain for Surrey in opposing the proposed Surrey Light Rail Transit project, urging that it be changed to a SkyTrain system with Bus Rapid Transit.

Daryl Dela Cruz, our founding director, said:

“The significant turnout in support for our petition demands serious attention from decision-makers. We have called into question numerous aspects about the proposed LRT system, and people in the city are taking notice of the many serious drawbacks.”

SkyTrain for Surrey, founded in 2013 by local issues blogger Daryl Dela Cruz, has become the leading voice and grassroots organization opposing the proposed Surrey Light Rail Transit project. Representatives from our organization have appealed to the City of Surrey, TransLink, the provincial government and the federal government on this issue.

Our organization previously identified 15 major shortfalls/issues with the proposed Surrey LRT system, including: high operating costs, increased congestion, construction impacts residents were not consulted on, and an expected net increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

About SkyTrain for Surrey

SkyTrain for Surrey is a local grassroots organization calling for a SkyTrain and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network instead of the currently-proposed on-street Light Rail system in Surrey.

Our campaign directors: Daryl Dela Cruz (Surrey, chair), Benedic Dasalla (Surrey), Jacky Au (Surrey), Spencer Whitney (Langley)

For further information

Daryl Dela Cruz, Campaign Chair, Phone: +1 604 329 3529, E-mail: [email protected]

Surrey deserves better

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