SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

10 Surrey LRT myths debunked

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Dec. 29, 2015 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey has completed 10 points debunking myths and inaccuracies about Light Rail, SkyTrain and Bus Rapid Transit. The responses have been released on our website at: In addition, we have issued the following two news releases to address recent issues: High public support for SkyTrain […]

Light Rail supporters get facts wrong again

Light Rail supporters continue to ignore issues like potential for vehicle-train collisions IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Dec. 28, 2015 – Surrey, BC Today, we are debunking the following 3 statements by Light Rail Links coalition chair Anita Huberman in a letter to the Surrey Leader: #1: For the approximately $2-billion cost of 27-kms of LRT, only 17 kms […]

High public support for extending SkyTrain in Surrey

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Dec. 27, 2015 – Surrey, BC Contrary to claims by Light Rail supporters, there is high public support for extending SkyTrain in Surrey. A November 2014 poll conducted by the popular website Vancity Buzz on a Surrey LRT-related article shows higher public support for SkyTrain than for an LRT system. The poll questioning readers “What kind of transit expansion […]

LRT study ignores transportation outcome

[pdf title=”Economic Benefits of Surrey LRT Study”][/pdf] IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC The City of Surrey has released a new report by Shirocca Consulting titled “Economic Benefits of Surrey LRT”, available on the city website. Our initial analysis of the report finds that there is a very wide gap between what this study is trying to push […]

LRT opposition in Township of Langley

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit is applauding a senior planner from the Township for Langley for raising necessary questions about the proposed Surrey Light Rail Transit project, and asking TransLink to change the current proposal. Rapid Transit questioned by Langley Township planner A TransLink proposal that would use a ground-level light […]

YES for Transit Statement: Light Rail destroying Surrey "YES" vote

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit announces its support for a “YES” vote in the transportation plebiscite. A better transit future for Surrey starts with the approval of sustainable funding. As part of efforts to secure a “YES” vote, Better Surrey Rapid Transit is advising “YES” coalition supporters that the promotion of […]

(2014) Safe Surrey Coalition’s Doug McCallum misled voters on SkyTrain viability

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 5, 2014 – Surrey, BC We are taking issue with mayoral candidate Doug McCallum’s short-sighted opinion on SkyTrain viability on the Fraser Highway. In an interview [link] with the Business in Vancouver paper, Mayoral candidate Doug McCallum, who endorsed Light Rail as a Safe Surrey Coalition platform component, told the paper: “[SkyTrain […]

Contradicting business case for Surrey LRT

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 31, 2014 – Surrey, BC A TransLink study has already found a negative transportation business case for LRT, which will contradict any future “P3 business case” for federal project funding. The Surrey Rapid Transit Study, conducted over the past few years, found that the LRT project has a transportation cost-benefit shortfall of […]

LRT proposal a step backwards for Surrey

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC Better Surrey Rapid Transit (SkyTrain for Surrey) expresses disappointment in a recent election platform announcement by the Surrey First party in favour of Light Rail Transit (LRT). “LRT would be a giant step backwards for our city,” says Daryl Dela Cruz, a prominent Surrey transportation advocate and the campaign manager […]

LATEST NEWS: "Rapid Transit Vision" exposes faulty Surrey LRT proposal

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Surrey, BC A new rapid transit vision for Surrey, released by Better Surrey Rapid Transit’s Daryl Dela Cruz, exposes serious faults in the City of Surrey’s at-grade rail (LRT) proposal approved by the Mayors’ Council. The “Vibrant Communities, Productive Citizens” vision, released Friday, details a “more practical rapid transit vision” for the City […]