SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Light Rail Reality: At-grade trains are caught in service disruptions that do not affect SkyTrains and B-Lines.


Better Surrey Rapid Transit is applauding a senior planner from the Township for Langley for raising necessary questions about the proposed Surrey Light Rail Transit project, and asking TransLink to change the current proposal.

Rapid Transit questioned by Langley Township planner

A TransLink proposal that would use a ground-level light rapid transit (LRT) line to connect Langley and Surrey, rather than extend the elevated SkyTrain system, has been questioned by a senior Township planner, who says the line may not help Langley commuters get to Vancouver and could mean delays for riders and a higher risk of accidents… [READ MORE – The Langley Times]

“It’s about time that someone asks needed questions about Surrey’s proposed Light Rail. I’m not impressed by how the region has moved this proposal while sidestepping many serious issues” says Daryl Dela Cruz, the campaign manager for Better Surrey Rapid Transit.

Daryl is now working to further engage public policy-makers – with letters being written to city staff and council-members in Langley and throughout the Lower Mainland, to inform them about sidestepped issues, as well as falling support for LRT in the South of Fraser (see Appendix A below).

The campaign has already launched a YouTube Video to inform residents, launched a petition, and posted ‘6 Myths on Light Rail Transit’ as part of an ongoing effort to debunk misconceptions.

“Light Rail supporters have been out of touch with what Surrey residents need. They didn’t do their homework, ignored raised issues, proceeded to brainwash citizens, and now continue to support something that causes more problems than it solves,” Daryl has said in a previous release.

Better Surrey Rapid Transit (SkyTrain for Surrey) is the opposition campaign against ground-level LRT in Surrey. We’ve raised, among several issues, that the first phase LRT – with a 25-min. travel time between Newton & Guildford – saves commuters only 1 minute over the 96 B-Line.

Other issues that have been raised include issues with centre-street running, vulnerability to accidents, slower service, and negative effects on the current transportation plebiscite.


Appendix A – Writers have flooded local newspapers with editorials and letters expressing concern about LRT in the Mayors’ transit plan:


For additional info, contact: Daryl Dela Cruz, Campaign Manager – Better Surrey Rapid Transit.
Email us at: [email protected]


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LRT opposition in Township of Langley