SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Exposed political deal shows lack of LRT confidence

SkyTrain for Surrey is calling on citizens to take note of the City of Surrey’s hiring of political insiders to mislead the federal government on transit issues and falsify an LRT business case. A Business in Vancouver report has said that the Earnscliffe Strategy group, whose B.C. office is led by a previous campaign co-chair […]

Federals urged to reject Surrey LRT project

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Jan. 18, 2015 – Surrey, BC As part of the 2016 federal pre-budget consultations, we have urged the Minister of Finance to reject a Surrey LRT project and refuse to provide federal funding. Our submission included a list of 14 major shortfalls/issues that have been identified with the proposed light rail system, […]

Edmonton LRT disaster is a warning for Surrey

MEDIA RELEASE Edmonton LRT disaster is a warning for Surrey FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 7, 2016 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey agrees with a National Post reporter that poor design choices on an Edmonton LRT project must be seen a warning sign for other Canadian cities, including Surrey. The at-grade design of the […]

Province removes Light Rail lock-in for Surrey from referendum ballot

We have scored a major victory in the battle for better Surrey transit. The oncoming transit referendum (the Metro Vancouver Transportation & Transit Plebiscite) had been centered on a 10-year-plan crafted by the region’s Mayors, that naturally pushed Light Rail Transit for Surrey and the Langleys. The initial intent was to lock future transit funding […]

At-Grade Rail systems have worse reliability

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 23rd July, 2014 At-Grade Rail systems, like the Light Rail Transit (LRT) proposed in the City of Surrey, are more vulnerable than SkyTrain in experiencing large service issues like the two issues with SkyTrain seen in the past week. Three weeks ago, riders and news agencies were describing a major service disruption […]

DEBUNKING MYTHS: Light Rail advocates and debt servicing costs

A special release by lead analyst Daryl Dela Cruz of SkyTrain for Surrey You can be said to have been researching transit issues in Metro Vancouver for many years, but you can still be wrong about what you know about transit issues. If so, they would do themselves an injustice because, as provincial and  federal […]