SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Urban Integration with SkyTrain: Plaza 88 – An Example for Surrey

[youtube=] You may have heard earlier this winter of the prominent opening of a new Safeway as part of a retail complex in New Westminster, recently built adjacent to New Westminster SkyTrain Station.  The new development is notorious in that it integrates more than 200,000 square feet of retail space directly with the New Westminster […]

SkyTrain Dismissed: Downtown BIA Shifting the Playing Field?

Dr. David Hendrickson and Dr. Sean Connelly were recently commissioned by the Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association to create a transportation study called “Leveling the Playing Field: Improving Public Transportation Infrastructure“.  The 35 page long study has to do with transportation problems and options for the City of Surrey. The study definitely found and decently […]

Portland, OR: the wrong role model for Surrey Rail Transit

There needs to be understanding of the role that rail transit will play in Surrey in the future.  This city needs rail transit not only to more effectively move the people who already are here, but also to accommodate population growth and encourage appropriate development in the right areas.  All of these roles that rail […]