SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Join us for a RALLY AGAINST LRT on June 5th

CAMPAIGN UPDATE Join us for a RALLY AGAINST LRT on June 5th June 3, 2018 – Surrey, BC Join us for a RALLY AGAINST LRT event on June 5th. Show up and join us as we voice our opposition to the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT and the Surrey LRT vision. Starting at 5PM, we will launch the […]

CALL TO ACTION: Light Rail is NOT for Surrey

CAMPAIGN UPDATE CALL TO ACTION: Light Rail is NOT for Surrey May 30, 2018 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey is encouraging all SkyTrain supporters to voice their opposition to the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT at the upcoming LRT open house events. Join us as we raise awareness of LRT issues! We will also hold our first […]

Video offers glimpse into Surrey’s Light Rail future

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 26, 2017 A new video released by SkyTrain for Surrey offers stakeholders and decision-makers a glimpse of what Surrey’s future will look like with Light Rail Transit. Our aim is to bring attention to one of the major issues with building rail transit systems at ground-level and on-street: with trains at […]

TransLink: Cancel the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 15, 2017 SkyTrain for Surrey is calling for the cancellation of the Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT line project. In the coming weeks, we will be taking this call to the TransLink project team, the City of Surrey and the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation. We will also call for the acceleration of the Fraser Highway […]

10 Surrey LRT features for a fraction of the cost

MEDIA RELEASE 10 Surrey LRT features for a fraction of the cost FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 14, 2017 – Surrey, BC TransLink recently posted a video on the proposed Surrey Light Rail Transit system, which outlines design features that are expected to be a part of the LRT project. Many of these design features […]

Voice Your Opposition: Upcoming LRT Consultation

June 13, 2017 – Surrey, BC Today we have more than 2300 signatures and a strong network of SkyTrain supporters calling for a better deal for transit riders South-of-Fraser! In the coming weeks we will have another opportunity to make this call. TransLink has announced the next round of Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT consultations, and three additional […]

Say NO to the destruction of Hawthorne Park for LRT

June 7, 2017 – Surrey, BC One of the first major victims of Surrey’s shortsighted and problem-riddled plans for street level Light Rail will be Hawthorne Park. The City of Surrey is planning to build two new roads (see: 105 Avenue connector) that will cut through Hawthorne Park and split it in two. The city […]

LRT is the only reason for proposed road through park

REALITY CHECK 1 IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 3, 2017 – Surrey, BC REALITY CHECK: The City of Surrey wants you to believe that the proposed roads that cut through Hawthorne Park are not a result of Surrey’s short-sighted and problem-riddled plan for street-level Light Rail. Here is what we think about the recent statements by City staff: […]

Surrey’s LRT proposal cuts city parks in half

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 31, 2017 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey has learned that a proposed city road project that will split a major city park in half is a critical component of the city’s proposed Light Rail Transit (LRT) system on 104 Avenue. City maps show that the two roads related to the […]

Surrey LRT gets sidelined in federal budget

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 23, 2017 – Surrey, BC SkyTrain for Surrey campaigners are expressing disappointment that a rapid transit project for Surrey was not listed as an “ambitious transit project” in the 2017 Federal Budget. Although the Mayors’ Council has been quick to confirm that the transit funding in the 2017 budget could be applied to […]