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SkyTrain for Surrey campaign manager Daryl Dela Cruz is challenging the popular assertion that ‘SkyTrain technology’ is a proprietary technology and is only offered by Bombardier.

In an online response to a Global BC news report, as well as comments within the news report by popular South Fraser blogger Nathan Pachal, Daryl challenged assertions of Bombardier “dictating regional transit expansion”, pointing out that numerous systems in Asia using linear motor technology have not been considered as a part of the discussion.

Systems in Guangzhou, China; Osaka, Japan; Tokyo, Japan; and Sendai, Japan use linear motor trains similar to the ones used in the Expo and Millennium SkyTrain lines, with trains built by several different companies. On behalf of our organization, Daryl has personally visited these systems in Asia and verified the use of linear motor technology.

In addition, it was pointed out that automatic train control (ATC) as used in our SkyTrain system can be applied to any type of rapid transit, and has as such become a worldwide standard. Nearly one in four cities has at least one automated line, with the number expected to triple by 2025.

SkyTrain for Surrey is a local coalition of transit users calling for an extension of SkyTrain over Light Rail Transit in Surrey. Locals and media are encouraged to read properly on SkyTrain technology and not be misled by assertions that the technology is proprietary.

With faster and more reliable service, a SkyTrain extension would generate an operating profit while an LRT would have significant operating debts that remain unexplained. A SkyTrain and Bus Rapid Transit alternative has been previously studied by TransLink and the Province, and would cost the same to build as an LRT – yet cost less to operate and offer 2x the travel time savings.

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“SkyTrain is proprietary” assertion challenged