IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 31, 2014 – Surrey, BC

A TransLink study has already found a negative transportation business case for LRT, which will contradict any future “P3 business case” for federal project funding.

The Surrey Rapid Transit Study, conducted over the past few years, found that the LRT project has a transportation cost-benefit shortfall of $510 million and a less-than-positive cost-benefit ratio of 0.69:1.

Reality of Light Rail: It will take decades to generate the transportation benefits to offset the cost of Light Rail in Surrey!
For more information, view the full study at this link: (PDF, 536 pages)

“It will take decades to generate the transportation benefits offsetting the costs of LRT. That shouldn’t be in the interest of Surrey citizens, and won’t be in the interest of potential funding partners,” says Daryl Dela Cruz, the founding director of SkyTrain for Surrey.

“It will take decades to generate the transportation benefits offsetting the costs of LRT.”
Daryl Dela Cruz – Founding Director, SkyTrain for Surrey

The proposed Phase I LRT – with a 25-min. travel time between Newton and Guildford – saves just 1 minute over the currently operated 96 B-Line.

SkyTrain for Surrey has raised several issues with the LRT proposal, and has released a campaign video on its website to communicate this to citizens. This video also promotes our campaign vision for SkyTrain and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which would have the same capital cost as the proposed LRT.

langley-extension-concept-bare-1-largerAbout SkyTrain for Surrey

SkyTrain for Surrey is a local grassroots organization calling for a SkyTrain and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network instead of the currently-proposed on-street Light Rail system in Surrey. Our campaign has called on decision-makers to build the Langley Extension of the SkyTrain Expo Line, in conjunction with an extension of the 96 B-Line to Coquitlam Centre and White Rock.

Our campaign directors: Daryl Dela Cruz (Surrey, chair), Jacky Au (Surrey), Spencer Whitney (Langley), Tova Dang (Surrey)

For further information

Daryl Dela Cruz, Campaign Chair, Phone: +1 604 329 3529, E-mail:

Note: At the time of this release, a municipal election was underway. SkyTrain for Surrey is an ongoing, issues-oriented activism campaign and is NOT an election campaign.

Contradicting business case for Surrey LRT

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