SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Wreaks havoc on Green Timbers Urban Forest trees

Building Light Rail through Green Timbers Urban Forest means hundreds of trees will have to give way. The City is planning a widened, 40m Fraser Highway to accommodate 4 traffic lanes, greenway, and 2 more lanes for LRT. This is… Significantly wider than the Green Timbers Urban Advisory Committee’s 2008 endorsement for a 27m roadway Significantly wider […]

More transfers • fewer options

Riders will need to make more transfers with a Light Rail system. Riders coming from the Expo Line SkyTrain will need to transfer to continue to Langley LRT riders on the “L Line” will need to make additional transfers to buses to continue to White Rock or Coquitlam End of direct, express service on 104 […]

Negative business case • Few quantifiable benefits

It will take decades to truly offset the costs of an LRT. With lower transportation benefits and less ridership, an LRT won’t be able to create an offset to its cost. Surrey Rapid Transit Study anticipated a negative benefit-cost ratio of just 0.69:1 Net present value was estimated at negative (-) $510 million dollars. Benefits will not […]

Doesn’t address growth in automobile use

Surrey has the highest automobile use growth rate in the lower mainland. With half of residents not within a 15 minute bus of rapid transit corridors, travel time savings are extremely important. Even with anticipated transportation demand management (TDM), Light Rail is expected to do little to increase transit mode-share. Only 5-8% of South-of-Fraser residents will use the LRT […]

Doesn’t service White Rock Centre and South Surrey

Rapid transit from Newton to White Rock is no longer a city priority. Rapid Transit on King George Blvd. south of Newton is not on the City’s list of priority infrastructure projects. Previously shown Bus Rapid Transit link is no longer on the City’s latest LRT network map Unclear whether it will ever move forward, given high operating costs […]