SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Building Light Rail through Green Timbers Urban Forest means hundreds of trees will have to give way.

The City is planning a widened, 40m Fraser Highway to accommodate 4 traffic lanes, greenway, and 2 more lanes for LRT. This is…
  • Significantly wider than the Green Timbers Urban Advisory Committee’s 2008 endorsement for a 27m roadway
  • Significantly wider than a SkyTrain extension (which would fit with 4 lanes within 27m – see below)
Currently proposed LRT right-of-way (R.O.W.) through Green Timbers:

Fraser Hwy with Surrey LRT

The original Surrey Rapid Transit Study assumed a ~27m R.O.W. for SkyTrain on Fraser:

Fraser Hwy with Surrey Skytrain 1

With more adjustments (i.e. move the multi-use path under the guideway), the R.O.W. can be reduced to 24m:

Fraser Hwy with Surrey Skytrain 2

SkyTrain uses space above the roadway, meaning less trees would need to be cut down.
Wreaks havoc on Green Timbers Urban Forest trees