SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Slower speeds

LRT running on the street is limited to the same speed as surrounding vehicle traffic. Light Rail trains won’t be anywhere near as fast as SkyTrains. Limited to 50 or 60km/h on most city roadways Slower than SkyTrain, which has running speeds of 80-90 km/h in a fully segregated guideway. No speed improvements against rapid buses in their […]

Few travel time savings

You won’t save enough time for it to actually matter. With lower running speeds and added transfers, an LRT will save you so little time that it will barely make a difference. LRT would offer only 1 minute savings vs. the current 96 B-Line rapid bus Some corridors (such as 104 Ave) will see travel time increase against […]

High operating costs

The LRT network will cost 40% as much to operate as the entire South of Fraser transit network today. An LRT in Surrey will have higher operating costs than extending SkyTrain due to the extensive requirement of LRT drivers, as well as the need for all-new facilities, staff and training. Fare revenues will fall far short […]

Lower frequencies • longer waits

Light Rail riders will wait longer before a train arrives. On-street LRTs are driver-operated, and can’t operate as frequently as our driverless SkyTrain. Drivers come with a labour cost, meaning lower frequencies during less busy hours. Due to higher operating costs, off-peak frequencies could be lower than the current 96 B-Line. A driverless system will be able […]

Increase in greenhouse-gas emissions

LRT will not recoup its construction and operations emissions. In fact, a net greenhouse-gas (GHG) increase of 38,000 tonnes was projected in the Surrey Rapid Transit Study. In addition to this net increase… Congestion increases on 104th Ave and other corridors will increase GHG emissions Accidents caused by the LRT will increase in GHG emissions in […]

Construction impacts • Street closures

LRT construction and street-scaping works will require the street to be closed from edge-to-edge. While Bus Rapid Transit systems could be constructed more gradually and SkyTrain extensions take up less space, Surrey’s construction of an LRT system will… Require significant reconstruction of the layout of the street, Require underground digging to remove sewers and utilities, Double […]

Traffic Mayhem on 104 Avenue

LRT will cut two lanes from 104th Ave and cause traffic mayhem in the community. The City says there’s no space to retain 4 traffic lanes on 104th Avenue, a busy and congested arterial connecting City Centre to the Trans-Canada Highway. Reduction in travel lanes despite no transit time improvements. Drivers will divert away from a congested […]

Prone to accidents • Safety issues

Light Rail systems kill more people than any other transportation mode except for motorcycles.   Pictured: Average fatality rates per 100 million miles, 2000–20111 At-grade Light Rail systems need time to stop and frequently hit pedestrians and vehicles. On-street trains come with a human cost that is ignored by LRT advocates and urban designers. Light […]

Prone to service disruptions • Reliability issues

Accidents can block LRT tracks and close LRT lines for hours. Direct consequence of building LRT at-grade through major intersections. LRT will pass through 2 intersections among the top 10 in Metro Vancouver crash-rates. (these intersections are: King George Blvd & 88th Ave, and King George Blvd & 72nd Ave) Can’t detour around accident areas […]

Takes up more space • Property acquisition

The space required by an at-grade LRT will require hundreds of property takes. An estimated 214 property takes will be required on Fraser Highway alone (including at least 20 full takes) LRT’s at-grade footprint is more than twice as much as a SkyTrain guideway Widened roadways will be more difficult to cross from end to end […]