SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Riders will need to make more transfers with a Light Rail system.

  • Riders coming from the Expo Line SkyTrain will need to transfer to continue to Langley
  • LRT riders on the “L Line” will need to make additional transfers to buses to continue to White Rock or Coquitlam
  • End of direct, express service on 104 Ave on routes 337, 509, 590 (requiring a transfer to a slower, all-stop LRT)
  • Additional transfer requirements have not been communicated effectively with stakeholders.

319 transfer 1 319 transfer 2

Building an LRT means you will still line up to transfer to the #319 at Newton Exchange.
A BRT system would create the opportunity to remove that transfer with a direct routing onto 72nd Avenue.
More transfers • fewer options