SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

LRT will not recoup its construction and operations emissions.

In fact, a net greenhouse-gas (GHG) increase of 38,000 tonnes was projected in the Surrey Rapid Transit Study.
In addition to this net increase…
  • Congestion increases on 104th Ave and other corridors will increase GHG emissions
  • Accidents caused by the LRT will increase in GHG emissions in various ways
  • Lower ridership will offset GHG reduction as potential riders not finding usefulness in the LRT system continue to choose their cars.
    66% of Surrey’s GHG emissions come from transportation emissions.
A SkyTrain + BRT alternative will recoup emissions if the BRT uses hybrid-electric, CNG, or trolley electrified buses.*

*Note: As of 2016, the 96 B-Line is now served entirely by a fleet of hybrid diesel-electric buses. This meets the criteria for a net GHG reduction.

Increase in greenhouse-gas emissions