Our Vision for Surrey & Langley

Expo Line: Langley Extension on Fraser Highway
Bus Rapid Transit on King George Blvd & 104 Ave

We envision a transit system based on the "RRT Alternative 1A" option in the 2012 Surrey Rapid Transit Study analysis, which was conducted by TransLink and the Ministry of Transportation in cooperation with the City of Surrey and other partners.

The "RRT1A" SkyTrain + BRT alternative offered the best business case and the most transportation benefits, with a positive benefit-cost ratio of 1.45:1, while having the same capital costs as the "LRT1" being pursued by the City of Surrey. The study projected that "RRT1A" would have higher ridership and lower operating debts over the long term.

For more information, view the full study at this link: skytrainforsurrey.org/rtstudydoc (PDF, 536 pages)


Learn more about our vision for Surrey and the South-of-Fraser by visiting the below pages:

Our vision: SkyTrain to Langley Our vision: SkyTrain to LangleyOur vision: Bus Rapid Transit Our vision: Bus Rapid Transit

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