Why Not LRT

Surrey’s transit needs have always been underestimated

and with the recent push by the City of Surrey for a Light Rail Transit (LRT) expansion over SkyTrain, that hasn’t changed. The City of Surrey does not actually have a proper case study that proves in any way that LRT is the city’s best rapid transit option. At the same time, SkyTrain has been dismissed, has been dubiously labelled as a “community splitter”, and is not being properly recognized for the benefits it will deliver. While LRT has been touted as the solution for transit woes in the City of Surrey, the reality is that it will fall far short of addressing city-wide transportation needs.

Above are the reasons why Light Rail doesn’t deliver what we need, what building Light Rail will mean for Surrey, and why we must oppose Light Rail as the proposed solution to address a Surrey transportation crisis that will be unfolding within the next few years.

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