Light Rail is not the right solution.

Surrey has failed to address many issues we've raised on the proposed Light Rail Transit system.

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Same cost to build, less cost to operate

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We're calling on decision-makers to bring Surrey a first-rate rapid transit system by:

Extending the SkyTrain to Langley

Upgrading the 96 B-Line to full BRT

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SkyTrain has greater longevity, moved more people more efficiently, and poses less danger to unwitting pedestrians as it is not accessible by accident. LRT will devastate our roads, put pedestrians in danger, and can only handle as much volume as a B-Line bus route. This is not the efficiency needed for the fastest growing municipality in Metro Vancouver.

Nickolas Haley - Surrey resident, supporter

It is important to me, because I want the best transportation options for the future. I don't consider LRT to be a viable alternative, when it can be blocked in mixed traffic and railway crossings.

Eugene Wong - Surrey resident, supporter

I believe Surrey deserves the same level of public transit as Vancouver, and given Surrey's growth, if we create the infrastructure now, we won't waste money abandoning and converting the proposed temporary solutions in the long run.

Andy Hoang - Surrey resident, supporter

I think we need to think more about the future and how we are the fastest growing city in Canada. We need to build now for the future not what our needs are right at this moment.

Jenni-lynn Hewitt - Surrey resident, supporter

I believe an extension of the existing system using the existing technology is better as a long term solution. Also, Langley DESPERATELY needs to improve the transit system in the area.

Chris Stenersen - Langley resident, supporter

With affordability of housing in Vancouver increasing, the further population boom in Surrey requires more than light rail and road congestion from permanent LRT rail lines.

Jordan Nielsen - Abbotsford, commutes to Surrey, supporter

I live in Surrey and I know in the long run skytrain will serve us much better than LRT

Sebastian Kurzeja - Surrey resident, supporter

The benefits of elevated RRT are far greater than those offered by LRT. RRT is faster, can handle higher capacity and frequency, would be better integrated with the current network, is cleaner, more reliable, offers a more scenic ride, and is cheaper to operate.

Steve Panczel - Surrey resident, supporter

I believe surrey is worth the time, money and effort for a proper skytrain system like vancouver, Burnaby, richmond and soon Coquitlam have.

Crystal Weltzin - Surrey resident, supporter

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