SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Higher travel time savings

Faster and more reliable commutes Transit riders will benefit from more travel time savings, with shorter travel times and less transfers Grade-separated SkyTrain is faster than LRT with a running speed of 80-90 km/h versus 50-60 km/h A SkyTrain + BRT system will create 2x the overall travel time savings compared to an LRT

Higher ridership

Less congestion with higher transit ridership The Surrey Rapid Transit Study projected: 72% higher ridership than an LRT on Fraser Highway Higher overall ridership throughout the South-of-Fraser We believe a SkyTrain + BRT system will attain higher ridership because: SkyTrain has the best track record for attracting ridership in North America Canada Line rider surveys have shown […]

Lower long-term costs

Costs the same to build now, and less to operate in the long term. Lower operating costs thanks to better transit technology and higher farebox recovery Less chance of service cutbacks and loss of service Significantly lower cost per added rider Significantly lower cost per person-hour saved

Better service

Faster, more frequent, more convenient service Choosing SkyTrain means higher operating frequencies, especially during off-peak hours & weekends Bus Rapid Transit means more commute options with through-running and less transfers Lower operating costs means less chance of service cutbacks and loss of service Faster service than proposed LRT, with higher travel speeds and less transfers […]

Higher overall benefits

Twice the overall benefits for a more prosperous Surrey and South-of-Fraser Over 2x the transportation and monetary benefits Positive business case with a benefit-cost ratio of 1.45:1, versus 0.69:1 for an LRT More transit benefits, and more opportunities to shape growth and development Reaches the most people through a more region-wide reach of transit improvements

More capacity for future growth

Ready for the future of Surrey and the South of Fraser SkyTrain has a higher carrying capacity and more capacity for future growth BRT can meet corridor demand projections for at least the next 30 years, and is upgradeable to an LRT or to SkyTrain if capacity need arises Better services the over 1 million people that will […]

Fewer construction inconveniences

Faster construction, and less impact to commuters and transit users Elevated guideway segment construction takes place off-site, with final assembly on-street requiring less time and disruption than constructing an LRT system BRT construction can take place more gradually, with no need to construct all elements at once – avoiding the highest construction inconveniences Does not require digging up […]

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