SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Light Rail Supporters: LRT is at street level, which is more accessible for passengers with wheelchairs, strollers and shopping carts.

FACT: Street-level operation doesn’t make LRT “more accessible”.

  • Rapid Transit service isn’t less “accessible” unless riders are actually missing trains due to time required to access stations.
  • To access on-street LRT stations in the median, riders must wait for a green signal to cross vehicle traffic.
  • In that time, riders may miss a train and will have to wait for the next.
  • Frequency between trains will be lower on an LRT system, resulting in longer wait times for the next train.
  • SkyTrain stations wrongly implied to be inaccessible (all stations have elevators and accessibility features).

LRT access chart

The maximum time required to get on a SkyTrain can be less than the time required just to wait for an LRT to show up.

Myth #9: LRT is easier to access because it is at ground level