SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Light Rail supporters: Closer station spacing promotes evenly distributed medium density development

Reality: Any station spacing and technology can promote this type of development.

  • Development outcomes depend on zoning choices and City Council decisions, not transit technologies
  • Similar communities in Metro Vancouver (Morgan Crossing, River District) were built away from major transit corridors.
  • SkyTrain has generated over $30 billion in development: more than any other rapid transit system in North America

“Per dollar of transit investment, and under similar conditions, Bus Rapid Transit leverages more transit-oriented development (T.O.D.) investment than Light Rail Transit or streetcars.”

From: More Development for Your Transit Dollar: An Analysis of 21 North American Transit Corridors (ITDP study)

Also see: “Yes, great bus service can stimualte development” on Human Transit

Myth #7: LRT will better achieve development and urban design objectives