SkyTrain for Surrey, not LRT!

Light Rail Supporters: “We can build 27km of LRT for the same cost as 17km of SkyTrain”

FACT: A SkyTrain + BRT system would link all of the same communities and potentially more.

  • Light Rail trains will create few travel time benefits over existing rapid buses
  • Light Rail will miss many communities like Cloverdale, South Surrey and Scottsdale. Bus Rapid Transit could expand to these communities with no transfers.
  • Light Rail will require a driver on each train and new maintenance facilities, increasing ongoing operating and maintenance costs
  • Alternatives like Bus Rapid Transit provide the same benefits as an LRT but offer superior flexibilities like the ability to detour around accidents.
  • With high annual operating costs, Light Rail will prevent further expansion of the city-wide bus system.
Myth #3: LRT links the most communities with rapid transit