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Langley City declares preference for SkyTrain extension on Fraser Hwy.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 23, 2018 – Surrey, BC

Langley City has formally declared its preference for an extension of the SkyTrain Expo Line on Fraser Highway, from King George Station to a future Langley Centre Station.

With the public release of a resolution drafted in December of last year, Langley City Council has recognized the superiority of a SkyTrain-based system over an LRT, and has stated that they will continue to lobby TransLink and senior governments to secure additional funding required for a SkyTrain-based system. We are pleased to recognize a prominent fellow advocate for a SkyTrain extension on Fraser Highway.

Although Langley City is in support for a SkyTrain extension, it has also declared that it would be willing to accept a street-running light rail as proposed by the City of Surrey and TransLink, citing the current funding and planning circumstances. Its acceptance of a light rail system is subject to a number of conditions such as the inclusion of a park-and-ride at the terminus station, and the consideration of a maintenance facility within Langley City.

Our position is that a SkyTrain extension is the best and only feasible choice on Fraser Highway.

When the Fraser Highway B-Line is introduced in 2019, travel times are projected to be 40 minutes between Surrey Central and Langley Centre. SkyTrain would reduce this to 22 minutes; however, a street-running LRT would require up to 35 minutes, only a few minutes faster than the proposed B-Line, despite having 4 less stops. Extending SkyTrain is the only option that will significantly reduce travel times for Langley commuters.

We encourage our supporters in both Surrey and Langley to continue advocating for a SkyTrain extension on Fraser Highway, and to continue holding their decision-makers accountable.

About SkyTrain for Surrey

SkyTrain for Surrey is the community organization that advocated for the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension, and continues to push for high-quality rapid transit projects in Surrey and Langley. We began as a petition calling for the scrapping of a street-level LRT proposal, which eventually amassed more than 6,000 signatures, and later contributed to making SkyTrain an election issue as a registered third-party advertiser. SkyTrain for Surrey continues to call for high-quality projects that offer a positive return-on-investment and recognize the rapidly increasing demand for transit.

Media Contact:

Daryl Dela Cruz ​– Founder, SkyTrain for Surrey
Phone: +1 604 329 3529, [email protected]

Langley City declares preference for SkyTrain extension on Fraser Highway