Our Mission

SkyTrain for Surrey is calling on decision-makers to build a 16km extension of the Expo Line. The extension would stretch from the terminus at King George Station to Langley Centre Station.

Rapid transit studies for Surrey have consistently found SkyTrain to be the superior option. TransLink and the Ministry of Transportation, in cooperation with the City of Surrey and other partners, released the Surrey Rapid Transit Study Phase II alternatives analysis in 2012, in which one alternative considered an extension of the Expo Line and a BRT on the L-Line corridor. This alternative had the same capital cost as the current Surrey Light Rail Transit proposal, and also offered a superior business case, higher travel time savings and lower long-term operating debts.

SkyTrain for Surrey endorses an extension of the Expo Line, along with an extension of Surrey’s 96 B-Line rapid bus line to Coquitlam Ctr. and White Rock and investments to upgrade the 96 to a full BRT. Passengers boarding an extended Expo Line at Langley Centre Station would reach Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver in less than 60 minutes.

A Light Rail Transit system is not a step forward for our city.

SkyTrain for Surrey is the leading local organization opposing the Surrey Light Rail project.

Supporters of our campaign have raised several major issues with the current Light Rail proposal, which include:

  • A lack of travel time savings against existing transit options (such as the 96 B-Line, 501)
  • Questionable reliability of the proposed on-street alignment
  • Lack of dialogue on transit and commute impacts during LRT construction
  • A poor business case found in the 2012 analysis by TransLink and the M.O.T.
  • Safety drawbacks from running trains at the same level as pedestrians and vehicles
  • Need for a system that is more aggressive at combating increasing automobile use S-o-F.

View our full list of LRT shortfalls

About the Campaign

SkyTrain for Surrey was founded by the regional blogger and youth transit advocate Daryl Dela Cruz, who in 2012 successfully advocated local governments for a Surrey connection on the #555 rapid bus service, as a small grassroots movement. Ever since, we have amassed a team of numerous online and offline supporters. Our campaign team is made up of concerned local citizens who have no affiliation to business groups, developers and other private interest organizations. Members who wish to be listed include:

  • Daryl Dela Cruz - Surrey, Founding Director & Campaign Chair
  • Jacky Au - Surrey, Campaign Director
  • Spencer Whitney - Langley, Campaign Director
  • Tova Dang - Surrey, Campaign Assistant
  • Juan Miguel Sanchez - Surrey, Campaign Assistant
  • Matthew Furtado - Surrey, Campaign Assistant

Contact us

Send us an e-mail at info@skytrainforsurrey.org or use the form below:

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