104 Ave major issues XLRT will cut two lanes from 104th Ave and cause traffic mayhem in the community.

The City says there’s no space to retain 4 traffic lanes on 104th Avenue, a busy and congested arterial connecting City Centre to the Trans-Canada Highway.
  • Reduction in travel lanes despite no transit time improvements.
  • Drivers will divert away from the congestion, increasing traffic on parallel/local streets
  • Traffic congestion throughout the community
  • Change in road layout/capacity may negatively affect goods movement into City Centre.
We anticipate that this will create a whole slew of additional issues:
  • New truck corridors to city centre will need to be instated on quiet, neighbourhood streets.
    (This could include: All of 100 Ave; 156 St; 154 St from 100th to 108 Aves; and 108 Ave (currently a restricted corridor)
  • Parallel roads like 100, 105 and 108 Avenues will require reconstruction and widening at significant cost.
  • The additional cost of area road modifications hasn’t been accounted for in LRT cost estimates.
  • Parallel, local-stop bus routes using general-purpose lanes (the 320 and 501) will face reliability issues and significant travel time increases.
City of Surrey concept showing reduced traffic lanes on 104th Ave
City of Surrey concept showing reduced traffic lanes on 104th Ave

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